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  • Hello, my name is Chris Kozlik, I am 33 years old and work as senior data centre systems engineer and I would like to tell you about myself and my journey to Freemasonry.

    When I considered why I wanted to join Freemasonry, I looked back to the first time that Freemasonry made an impact on me and left me intrigued of what it was all about. This was around 11 years ago and it was not until recently that I felt that it was the right time for me to start a new journey.

    I approached the group via the contacts page on the Warrington Group website where all my details were passed on to the membership officer John Tyrer. After having a casual meeting and a tour around the lodge one evening, John arranged to find a suitable lodge for me to meet with. The lodge that I had been given to meet with was Travellers Lodge No 4679.

    I met up with the WM of the lodge and other members on a number of occasions over the year and I always felt very much welcome and at home with everyone. It was then proposed after having time to get to know me that I was to be balloted for on 20 of November 2014 and if successful, I was to be initiated that very evening.

    I always look at life as if it was like one big A to Z, it is already mapped out for us way before we set foot on this planet and everything always happens for a reason.

    Since my initiation, I have looked at why I joined Freemasonry in a whole different light. I looked at the people that I have met and the friends that I have made already in my short period as a Mason. I looked at the knowledge that everyone I have met had a desire to pass on to me, it filled me with great admiration of what I had become. I then found out something that I did not know beforehand, that many of my family in the past on my father’s side had also been Masons and had also made the same journey I had done so far and beyond.

    My life as a Freemason had already been mapped out; this was something that I had been born to do.

    I am currently a steward in my lodge and very much look forward to progressing through the various roles and learning as much as I can about Freemasonry.

    Away from Masonry, I’m a keen football fan, being a season ticket holder at Manchester City – something that in recent years has become a far more pleasurable experience than it once was! I also enjoy documentaries; fell walking and sampling beers from around the world.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out about me; I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

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    Chris Kozlik

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