Local news

  • Install Sir Knight Graham Barker

    The main business of the meeting was to install Sir Kt. Graham Barker as a Knight of Malta. The Eminent Preceptor opened the Priory promptly at 6.30pm. and after the  opening, minutes adoption etc. there was a eulogy in respect of departed merit, E. Kt. Kenneth Bowdler P. Prov. Chamb., who had sadly died two […]

  • Mersey Valley Installation

    Bob Bridge was installed as “Master of Masters” in the Mersey Valley Lodge of Installed Masters 9057 in a first class ceremony performed by the Installing Master Barry Corcoran at St Helens Masonic Hall. The Lodge was honoured by the presence of Assistant Provincial Grand Master Kevin Peter Poynton as well as a good selection […]

  • Prescot Initiates Alan Campbell

    Brother Alan Campbell was Initiated into Prescot Lodge recently by a Past Master of the Lodge John Whalley who took the Masters chair with only a few hours notice. John was ably assisted by the officers of the Lodge, several of whom had been asked to stand in at short notice due to ilness amongst […]

  • Proclamations for Prescot Lodges

    Two lodges which have had close ties for several years both Proclaimed their Masters for a second year within a couple of weeks of each other at Prescot Masonic Hall. Prescot Lodge proclaimed worshipful Brother Adrian Cowley as Master for a second year. Adrian had expressed a wish to serve a second year as he […]

  • Loyalty 897 Installation 2018

    William James Bruce was recently installed into the chair of King Solomon of this ancient Lodge, John Askew the Immediate past and Installing Master conducted the ceremony in his usual inimitable style which was well received by the members and guests. The Lodge was honoured by the presence of Frank Umbers the Assistant Provincial Grand […]

  • Prescot Lodge WW1 Tribute

    Prescot Lodge festive board at their meeting in early November 2018 was dedicated to those Freemasons who lost their lives during the First World War. A place being set at the festive board for the Unknown Warrior was enhanced with a WW1 British War medal awarded to the father of a member along with two […]

  • Light blue out number dark blues

    St Helens Lodge of St George sent out a plea for assistance in conducting a Third Degree Ceremony recently when a strange mix of circumstances meant that they were desperately short of members for the meeting. The Brethren of St Helens and Prescot Group responded magnificently and the ceremony went ahead with a great sense […]

  • Installing Gerald Gibbons

    James T Callow Lodge was greatly honoured by the presence of Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison for their installation ceremony, he was accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Ogden and a number of Grand and Acting Grand Officers. Installing Master Bill Petterson made a wonderful job of installing Gerald Gibbons into the chair […]

  • Gordon with his 50 year certificate

    Visit to Gordon to present him with his 50 year certificate and his gift from the lodge. Presented by Frank, Peter and David Ogden. Lodge Loyalty 86

  • Troon Visit

      Saturday 29th September last marked another milestone in the lives of the intrepid band of players who make up the Pageant team when they embarked upon a train journey into Ayrshire to perform the pageant at Troon Navigation Lodge No. 86 (Scottish Constitution) On this occasion, the group of 8 players was supported by […]

  • Donation to Willowbrook Hospice

    Senior members of St Helens and Prescot Group and the Province of West Lancashire attended Willowbrook Hospice in St Helens recently to officially present a donation of £19.449 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation. Out of a fund of £450,000 Two Hospices were chosen for large donations to aid in special projects, Willowbrook were chosen as […]

  • Over 200 years masonry

    Four distinguished Brethren with well over 200 years Masonic Service between them L to R W.Bro.Roy Bibby, W.Bro Ron Clark, W. Bro. Ralph Dumbell, and W.Bro.Derek Le-Brocq.