Loyalty 897 Installation 2018

William James Bruce was recently installed into the chair of King Solomon of this ancient Lodge, John Askew the Immediate past and Installing Master conducted the ceremony in his usual inimitable style which was well received by the members and guests.

The Lodge was honoured by the presence of Frank Umbers the Assistant Provincial Grand Master along with other Grand and Acting Provincial Grand Officers. At the conclusion of  the ceremony Frank was pleased to bring the congratulations and best wishes of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison and said he was sure that had he been able to attend, Tony would have been most impressed with the quality of the proceedings.


During the festive board Frank Umbers added his personal congratulations to the new Master as well as praising those Brethren who took part, paying particular note to the part played by the Acting Director of Ceremonies Ken Wesley. He said he was aware that the Lodge had a busy year ahead and that he was sure it was in good hands under the new Master.




Frank then told the Brethren that he hoped the Lodge would continue to thrive under its rebirth as a Widows Son’s Motorcycling Lodge. He congratulated John Askew the new Immediate Past Master hoping he had enjoyed his year in office and that he would continue to enjoy his Freemasonry.

Frank also thanked the Lodge for their generosity in the donations they had made to good causes, he spoke of the current festival and it’s importance to Freemasons and their dependents.

Proposing a toast to the health of the new Master,John Askew was keen to praise William for his commitment to Freemasonry and to the Lodge of Loyalty in particular and said he felt that he was leaving the Lodge in good hands for the following year.

John also noted that the Lodge is now to meet on Saturday Mornings with meetings to be followed by a ride out on their motorcycles by the Brethren and guests.