Mersey Valley Installation

Bob Bridge was installed as “Master of Masters” in the Mersey Valley Lodge of Installed Masters 9057 in a first class ceremony performed by the Installing Master Barry Corcoran at St Helens Masonic Hall.

The Lodge was honoured by the presence of Assistant Provincial Grand Master Kevin Peter Poynton as well as a good selection of Grand and Acting Provincial Grand Officers and other senior brethren representing several groups in the province.

The ceremony was conducted with grace and dignity as is usual in this prestigious lodge, Kevin Peter Poynton brought the congratulations and good wishes of James Anthony (Tony) Harrison the Provincial Grand Master, stating that had Tony been able to be present he would have been delighted with the standard of the ceremony and the work of the Brethren who took part.

During the festive board Kevin Peter Poynton brought his own congratulations to the new Master Bob Bridge, saying he hoped that Bob would have a good year as Master and that he would continue to enjoy his freemasonry.

Responding to the toast to his health Bob was both dignified and yet humourous, Picking out several of the senior Brethren present for a little light hearted jocularity which went down well with the Brethren and added some humour to the proceedings.