Prince of Wales Lodge No 466 History

Mark Masonry began in the St Helens and Prescot Group by brethren from the Liverpool Group, in particular members of Excelsior Mark Lodge No 359 becoming involved in the formation of a lodge of Mark Master Masons.

On 9 October 1893 a Lodge of Emergency was held at the Masonic Rooms, Hall Street, St Helens for the purpose of advancing qualified brethren to the Prince of Wales Lodge (as it was to become known), prior to the lodge consecration meeting. After the dispensation and other communications were read out in open lodge the WMM designate WBro D M F Gaskin and his team took up their positions within the lodge.

A ballot was taken and proved favourable and 13 brethren were advanced to the Honourable degree of Mark Master Masons These brethren then formed the backbone of the Prince of Wales Mark Lodge, being ready for the consecration meeting.

The consecration took place on 29 January 1894 in the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, Bro the Right Honourable the Earl of Lathom, together with the Provincial team, WBro D M F  Gaskin being installed as the lodge`s first WM.

From 1898 the meetings were held in the New Imperial Buildings in Ormskirk Street until the present Masonic building opened in 1927.

On 30 March 1931 the lodge sponsored the creation of the Prescot Mark Lodge No 903.

Since the day of consecration the lodge has held its meetings four times a year, on the third Tuesday in the months of October (installation meeting), December, February and April. We have during this time become a Keystone Lodge of which the members are justly proud.

Mark Masonry within the St Helens Group continues to thrive with members being drawn from the St Helens Lodges in addition to brethren from other groups. The Lodge extends a warm welcome to craft brethren to join a warm and fraternal lodge and to ensure the continuity for many years to come.

Written by a lodge member.