St Helens Chapter Rose Croix No 391 History

The St Helens Chapter Rose Croix No 391 came into being when Harold Abbott, a Wigan Mason of Crawford Chapter Rose Croix No114, talked to a number of St Helens Masons about setting up a St Helens Chapter. There followed a meeting in early 1947 where the idea was warmly welcomed. Permission was sought from the Supreme Council, the governing body of the Order. As a result the chapter was consecrated on 14 June 1947. The ceremony took place at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool with all the members of Supreme Council present.

The first meeting at St Helens took place on 28 November 1947. The chapter has grown in strength as the years have passed. In 1997 members celebrated the golden anniversary of the consecration when coincidentally the membership stood at 50. The membership is still robust with extra meetings planned to accommodate the number of candidates.

The chapter meets in St Helens on the fourth Fridays of March, September and November. The Enthronement meeting is in March.

Membership is by invitation only and candidates must be a Master Mason of at least one year’s standing who profess the Trinitarian Christian faith. The chapter falls in the area of the South West Lancashire District Rose Croix.