Dominion Lodge No 4289 History

L4289The original Warrant was dated 30 May 1921 and was consecrated by the then Provincial Grand Master, Louis Slade Winsloe on  4 October 1921 at the Carlton Hall, Eberle Street Liverpool. The sponsoring lodge was Excelsior Lodge No 3580 and Brother J Harding of that lodge was the first master. There were 18 founder members who names are shown on the lodge summons.

The first regular meeting was held on 22 October 1921, when 10 joining members were admitted along with the first two initiates, Bro A Fyles and Bro J Lawrence. Bro Fyles was installed as WM in October 1934 but unfortunately, Bro Lawrence resigned on 24 September 1927 without making the WM’s chair.

The lodge left the Carlton Masonic Hall in October 1922 to make it’s home at 22, Hope Street, Liverpool where the meetings were held in the Adams Suite except for the installation meeting which was held in the Corinthian Suite due to the large number of brethren attending. All meetings were held on the fourth Saturday.

In 1988 the members decided to purchase a banner, which was dedicated by the then Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Colin Penty Wright. The dedication took place at the regular meeting on 26 November 1988, and is still displayed at all lodge meetings.

The lodge was originally formed as a seafaring lodge, hence the name ‘Dominion’ and the crest of a globe and Union Flag. On the banner, as on the Past Master’s Jewel, the countries of the British Empire and Dominions are shown in red, to denote that on which, like Freemasonry, the Sun never sets.

The lodge celebrated it’s Golden Jubilee in October 1971 the WM at this time was Bro William Hindson.

The lodge continued to prosper until the early 1990s when, along with other City lodges, the numbers began to dwindle reaching a low of 21 in 1996. The past masters decided that in order to save the lodge from extinction, drastic action was needed such as moving away from Liverpool and altering the meeting night away from Saturday. Neither of these suggestions initially found favour with all the brethren as our roots were in Liverpool and Saturday was the only night convenient for some of the existing brethren who worked and resided in places as far away as London. It was therefore decided to take one step at a time and to this end it was proposed and seconded at the regular Meeting on 28 September 1996 that the lodge move to Prescot. The proposal was carried unanimously at the move took place on Saturday, 25 January 1997 but still retaining membership of the 8th Liverpool Group. This was the start of the rejuvenation of the lodge.

We were made extremely welcome at Prescot and eventually became full members of the St Helens and Prescot Group from the commencement of the 1998/99 season.

It was agreed to alter our regular meeting night, with the exception of the installation, which is still held on Saturday, to the first Friday commencing with the start of the 1997/98 season. The lodge has  continued to prosper.

Written by a lodeg member.