St Helens Lodge No 4121 History

In 1920 several Past Masters of Ionic Lodge No 2405 met to discuss the possibility of forming a new Freemasons Lodge within St Helens. At that time there were only two lodges in the town plus one in Prescot. The outcome of various meetings over several months was the Consecration on 30 September 1920 of St Helens Lodge No 4121 on the register of the Grand Lodge of England. The Consecration was at St Helens Town Hall by the then Provincial Grand Master, W Lewis S Winslow.

The Consecration ceremony was attended by many visitors and it is recorded that there were initially 18 members of the new lodge present, 17 being past masters plus one Master Mason, all from Ionic Lodge No 2405. The master installed at this meeting by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master was WBro J K Turner, who at that time was Mayor of St Helens. It has been suggested that this gave rise to the name of the lodge and it is interesting to note that the Founders’ Jewel was a miniature painting of a Glass Blower using a long blowpipe linking the lodge to the local industry. However, no record to substantiate this has been found and another suggestion for the name is that it was named after St Helen whose history tells us had many of the attributes which are expected of Freemasons.

After the Consecration, regular meetings were held in the Imperial Buildings, Ormskirk Street, St Helens, followed by the festive board at the Fleece Hotel, Church Street on the first Wednesday of each month, excluding June, July and August, with the installation taking place in October. In 1921 there was a proposal that the May meeting be cancelled but, following a debate, it was decided to retain the May meeting, but drop the September one.

In 1923 the meeting was altered to the second Wednesday in the month where it remained until the opening of the Masonic Hall, Hall Street (our present building). Following the Dedication of the Temple in 1927 regular meetings were transferred to the new venue and the meeting day was altered to the third Wednesday which is still the case.

During the war years, lodge meetings were held as normal with 13 members being initiated during the period 1939 to 1945.

At a meeting in 1943, with the consent of Grand Lodge, Bro Peacock of St Margaret’s Lodge, Scotland was raised. He was stationed at Haydock with the RAF and was unable to attend his own lodge for this ceremony.

Since its foundation the lodge has been honoured many times by the promotion of its members to Provincial Grand Lodge Rank and, more especially, to Grand Lodge Status. The highest honour must surely be that awarded to WBro Arthur Foxton who, having been initiated into St Helens Lodge in 1945, was appointed to the Rank of Assistant Provincial Grand Master for West Lancashire in 1968.

Over the years since its Consecration, the lodge has attracted a large number of members drawn from many and diverse occupations, which has contributed to the character and high standard of the lodge. This, we trust, will be maintained in the future as we approach our Centenary in 2020.

Extracted from the 75th Anniversary History