William Fleetwood Lodge No 2814 History

L2814The William Fleetwood Lodge was consecrated on 29 June 1900. The consecration of the lodge took place at the Walton Centre and was carried out by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of the day who was Edward George Bootle-Wibraham the Second Earl of Lathom.

When it was consecrated it was called The Fleetwood Lodge. When the prospective members of the lodge applied for a warrant to form the lodge, they wished to call it The William Fleetwood Lodge after the first master of the lodge. However, this was contrary to the regulations of Grand Lodge at the time.

In 1914 an application was made for a lodge in Fleetwood Lancashire and the request was for it to be The Fleetwood Lodge. After much negotiation between the two lodges, in 1918 the Grand Lodge granted permission for our name to change to The William Fleetwood Lodge.

In the first three years of the lodge 34 new candidates joined the lodge.

Over the following years the lodge numbers grew until the Walton Institute was no longer big enough and the lodge moved to the Carlton Rooms in Eberle Street.

Throughout the first and second world wars the lodge continued to function at the Carlton Rooms until 1930 when it moved to Reeces Building In Parker Street. The stay at Reeces lasted until 1945 when the lodge moved back to The Carlton, where they stayed until moving to the Masonic Hall in Hope Street in 1977. The lodge then had a short move to Garston Masonic Hall from 1983 to 1984, when they returned to Hope Street. The lodge moved to Prescot Masonic Hall in 2010.

Over the first 112 years since it was consecrated the lodge has initiated over 350 new members from all walks of life and of many faiths, for the only criterion for membership is good character.

Written by WBro Don Kelso.