Prescot Lodge WW1 Tribute

Prescot Lodge festive board at their meeting in early November 2018 was dedicated to those Freemasons who lost their lives during the First World War.

A place being set at the festive board for the Unknown Warrior was enhanced with a WW1 British War medal awarded to the father of a member along with two letters from the Chaplain and a Royal Army Medical Corps Captain to the widow of a R.A.M.C. soldier who died on HM Hospital Ship Brittanic, he was the great grandfather to a members wife.

Also of interest was the will of this officer bearing a note from the War Office that no citizen of Germany or her allies was to benefit from the will without permission of the War Office.

The same lady had generously loaned her ceramic poppy, one of those which was displayed outside the Tower of London recently and a booklet listing those Freemasons who were known to have died during the conflict was placed in front of the Master’s chair.

A candle was lit in front of the chair of the Unknown Warrior and remained lit throughout the proceedings, and a picture of the coffin before burial in Westminster Abbey was put within the place setting.

During the tribute to Absent Brethren the members observed two minutes silence in respect of departed merit, during which the last post was played and a toast proposed by the Lodge Secretary Bob Bridge, himself an ex serviceman, was observed dedicated to the Unknown Warrior and those who perished during the conflict.