St Helens and Prescot Group honoured at Blackpool

Members of the group were at Blackpool Winter Gardens to receive honours from the Provincial Grand Master recently.

Amongst those present were Ian Halsall who was re-appointed as Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremonies, Chris Maloney, re-appointed as Provincial Superintendent of Works, Norman Lay was apponted  Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, all three acting ranks. George Flinn was appointed to the very high honour of Past Provincial Deputy Grand Superintendent of Works whilst Tony Collier received the prestigious honour of Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon.

Promotions to Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of works went to Keith Fairclough, Roy Hazelhurst, Alan Jenkins, Ken Loughran, and Ray Stones.

Pictured together after the ceremony are Chris, Norman and George. Also attending at the meeting were Ian,  Keith and Ray. These seven Brethren received their honours in person from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison.

Due to personal circumstances not all the recipients were able to attend the ceremony, our best wishes go out to them and to all those honoured at Blackpool.