Light blue out number dark blues

St Helens Lodge of St George sent out a plea for assistance in conducting a Third Degree Ceremony recently when a strange mix of circumstances meant that they were desperately short of members for the meeting.

The Brethren of St Helens and Prescot Group responded magnificently and the ceremony went ahead with a great sense of co-operation between the two halls. Colin Rowling the past Group Chairman noted that the numbers were equally divided between St Helens and Prescot Masons.

David Rigby the Director of Ceremonies had initially asked the Taverners Group to assist but in the event many members of the group also volunteered to aid in the ceremony.

The ceremony was conducted in a most dignified manner with both Lodge members and volunteers taking part. The candidate Richard Wootton was conducted by George Flinn and Leo Kapp from Prescot Hall acting as Senior and Junior Deacons respectively with other members from both halls taking part in the ceremony.

A wonderful example of inter hall co-operation. One of the visitors commented to the Master that there were more light blue Masons than Grand and Provincial Grand Officers present, an unusual but most welcome sight these days.

During the festive board the Brethren observed a two minute silence in respect for those Freemasons who lost their lives during the first world war.