Willowbrook Hospice Benefit From Donation

Willowbrook Hospice Benefit From Masonic Charitable Foundation Donation

Past group Chairman Colin Rowling and Group Charity Officer Les Newman visited Wilowbrook Hospice recently to present a cheque for £1388.00 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation, The cheque was gartefully received by the Hospice Senior Fundraiser Diane Swann.

Les was keen to mention for the benefit of members that a portion of the donation was undoubtedly as a result of the extra money raised from the treasury by the white envelope scheme, he asks that all brethren who are taxpayers make use of the white envelopes whenever possible.

Les also pointed out that the 2021 festival was a particularly important fundraising effort and urged all brethren to support it wholeheartedly.






Colin Rowling and Les present Diane Swann with the cheque.