Willowbrook Hospice Benefits

Willowbrook Hospice Benefits From Masonic Donation

The weather stayed fine and sunny, if a little cold, as Assistant Provincial Grand Master Tony Bent, accompanied by St Helens and Prescot Group Chairman Graham Williams and Group Charity Steward Les Newman, visited Willowbrook Hospice in Prescot recently.  The reason for the visit was to present a cheque for £2080.00 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.  The Brethren were warmly welcomed by Fundraising Manager Nichola Saunders who introduced them to several members of staff and volunteers before conducting them on a tour of the facility.

Nichola and some of her staff of volunteers were treated to a short explanation of Masonic Charitable work by Tony Bent and were most surprised and pleased to hear of the scope of the Masonic Charities, explaining that they were not previously aware of the extent of our work for charity.

The Brethren were then treated to a warming cup of coffee in a modern and attractive café lounge, before proceeding to the area in front of the building to take advantage of the unseasonably sunny day to present the cheque.  Receiving the donation on behalf of the Hospice, Nichola assured the Brethren that the money was thankfully received and would be well applied.